Master of this language is the whole world!

(From the Declaration of Boulogne in 1905)

Esperanto does not belong to a specific entity which has the full rights over this language. It belongs to all initiatives and collaborations of associations and people who want to participate in the Esperanto project.

There are many ways of getting involved. Esperanto is not just about learning the language, but also about acting together. Here are some ideas how you can help us:


This website aims to be available in as many languages as possible. You can help us translate this website in your language. If you are ready to do so, please just send us a message using the contact form telling us that you are ready to translate.

Pictures proposals

You have an idea for a logo or a picture that should be featured? You are a talented graphics artist? Feel free to propose us your pictures that are related to Esperanto. We will showcase the best ones on our Gallery page.

Being active in other ways

If you want to help and participate on a regular basis, you can: