Lernu has Esperanto courses in many languages. It also offers you a community – language helpers, a forum and so on – so it’s a great place to start.

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Duolingo is a cluster of very modern language courses, and the Duolingo Esperanto course allows you to reach a very good level. Unfortunately it is only available in English and soon Spanish.

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Passporto al la tuta mondo

Pasporto al la tuta mondo is a series of DVDs which are now also available for free on Youtube. They are a very amusing way to learn Esperanto.

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Kurso de Esperanto

If you are often without internet, Kurso de Esperanto may be for you, because it’s a software that you can download. It only teaches few lessons but teaches them well.

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Universala Esperanto Metodo

The “Universala Esperanto Metodo” teaches with the direct method (using only pictures, no English or another language), so it is great if you want to immerse yourself in Esperanto.

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Esperanto in 12 days

This course is based on the Zagreb method. It is available in many languages and it’s particularly good if you’re viewing this on a cellphone.

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Local courses

Local Esperanto courses are particularly worthwhile, because you will be able to immediately start speaking Esperanto with real people. Unfortunately it is not possible to have an up-to-date list of local courses everywhere in the world on this page. Please contact your national Esperanto association for this.