You can likely get information about local Esperanto clubs, courses and contacts through your national Esperanto association. You can perhaps finds its address on the Internet, but you can also find it on this page or in the map below.

Scottish Esperanto Association (SEA), Esperanto Association of Ireland (EAI), Esperanto Association of South Africa (EASA), Esperanto USA (E-USA), U. S. Esperanto Youth (USEJ), Canadian Esperanto Association (KEA), Canadian Esperantist Youth (JEK), Esperanto Association of Britain (EAB), British Esperanto Youth (JEB), Australian Esperanto Association (AEA), New Zealand Esperanto Association (NZEA)

If you don’t find an appropriate contact address for your location, you may use our contact form..
Look at this map or use its search function to find organizations close to you.
If you know of a club or association that doesn’t appear in the map, please inform us ofthis using our correction form.

Esperanto the world over

Hundreds of Esperanto organisations around the world. Scan this map or use the search engine to find an organisation near you.