Through Esperanto you can discover the lives of widely diverse people worldwide, including many who don’t possess sufficient resources to learn languages that are more difficult and require more time than Esperanto. You can also read worldwide news or news about the Esperanto world.

China Radio International

China offers us the most recent news about the world. You can either read it or listen to it on the radio or in a podcast. If you prefer news about China itself, you can read “El Popola Ĉinio“.

Le Monde Diplomatique

If you want to read comprehensive analyses of the news and related commentary, the Esperanto version of Le Monde Diplomatique is the website for you.


News from Pola Retradio

Pola Retradio has regular programs with news from Poland in Esperanto. All news items are available in both written and recorded form, which is perfect for learners of Esperanto.


Libera Folio

National newspapers rarely report about news from the Esperanto world, so you can read about these in Libera Folio.


La Balta Ondo

La Balta Ondo also regularly reports news from the Esperanto world.


Global Voices

Do you want to know what life is really like in countries that the mainstream media don’t usually cover? You can find this in Global Voices.


Scienca Revuo

If you want to read about new discoveries in science, go to Scienca Revuo.



For news from a trade-unionist point of view, check out LabourStart.


UEA Press Releases

If you’re curious about what Universal Esperanto Association is doing, read its Gazetaraj Komunikoj.